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Friday, November 27, 2015

Medicine 2.0 - Future Talks

Medicine 2.0 Community Outreach Program
Dr. Christopher L. Bray MD PhD ABIHM

11/7/2015: Help, I don’t need urgent care, I need a guide for better health!: Overview of emerging trends in chronic disease management through improved nutrition, movement and resiliency

11/21/2015: Doctor, send me to a nutritionist!: Causes and general strategies to improve digestion and absorption of essential nutrients (not your standard weight loss talk)

12/5/2015: Doctor, fix my gut!: Prebiotics, probiotics, infections and bacterial imbalances in the human microbiome

12/19/2015: My salmon was eating what?: Farming methods, food storage, food processing and cooking methods and the net impact on health (not your standard diabetes talk)

1/2/2016: Fans of heavy metal are not welcome!: The impact of metals on health and strategies to detoxify your life

1/16/2016: What’s in my water?: The impact of emerging endocrine disruptors and other chemical toxins on health

1/30/2016: I’m really inflamed!: Relationship between immune system dysfunction, chronic infections and inflammation

2/13/2016: I need to cool off!: Introduction to an anti-inflammatory diet, phytonutrients and botanicals

2/27/2016: My hormones are not right!: Health consequences of imbalances in hypothalamic, pituitary, adrenal, thyroid and gonadal endocrine systems

3/12/2016: Shot through the heart, and your to blame!: Root causes of cardiovascular disease and nutritional / lifestyle strategies in optimizing health

3/26/2016: Doctor, I’m tired all the time!: The importance of the mitochondria in health, common mitochondrial toxins and fatigue as dysfunction of the mitochondria

4/9/2016: My head is going to explode!: Root causes of migraines and depression and nutritional / lifestyle strategies in optimizing health

** All talks are at Gainesville Health and Fitness Center from 10am until noon on Saturdays **

** Topics and date may change and it is best to check docbray.com for schedule changes **

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